Grow Your Sales and Expand Your Reach

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eMarketer Features

Make Your Brand Sparkle

Private brand the mobile marketing app with your logo and distribute directly to your customers through your App Storefront or ours.

Easy Content Delivery

The whole mobile marketing app system can be set-up in hours.   The Ai2 content management software is loaded onto your server and with little or no training you are ready to build as many distribution lists as you desire and deliver your content directly to your customers’ smartphones.

Continual Contact

Your customers’ smartphones go wherever they go and using this mobile marketing app now your customers will be instantly alerted to your daily specials, promotions, book specials, new items, trade show information and any other content you want to share with them.

No Cloud Storage fees

Deliver as much content as you want to this mobile marketing app, as often as you want and to as many customers as you want.

Background Sync

Content syncs in the background so users can access the mobile marketing app and utilize your content without waiting.

Alerts & Notifications

The mobile marketing app alerts your customers as soon as any new content has been posted to the server for delivery.

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eMarketer In Action

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

Grow Your Sales and Expand Your Reach

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