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Ai2 has been at the forefront of the sales rep order entry technology boom in the distribution and manufacturing industry. With the adoption and utilization of eCommerce, mobile sales applications, mobile order entry, barcode scanning apps, new ideas in sales software, manufacturer software, sales activing analytics, rep software, manufacturers rep software and sales force automation software for tracking commissions, to accept and relay orders, manage contacts and product catalogs with data collection using and other B2B technologies retailers are beginning to expect much more from their distributors then in years past.

Many sales reps in wholesale distribution are writing orders using paper orders, online forms and other order entry systems like fillable PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets. Reliance on these manual, non-automated sales rep order entry processes are becoming increasingly problematic in today’s digital, on-demand environment.

Ai2 Sales Rep Order Entry Products


Ai2 makes it easy to modernize the Sales Rep Order Entry Process

These traditional and legacy sales rep order entry systems invariably run the risk of human-error. The soft costs of manual order entry methods are enormous when sales reps are in the field or at a trade show, handwriting orders on a form. It’s hard to calculate the opportunity costs but distributors and manufactures that don’t update their sales rep order entry systems will find that they have sat on their hands to long and will no longer be viability.  These shortcomings prevent sales reps from providing superior customer service, which is a key differentiator for B2B companies.

Ai2 is ready to help modernize manufacturers and distributors with-in a month.  The suite of Ai2 sales rep order entry systems for this new era of wholesale sales is easy to interface into any back office system.

Sales Rep Order Entry Interface

Ai2 has been delivering custom sales-enablement software platforms that connect directly into backend enterprise resource platforms for a long time. We have plugged our systems seamlessly into Oracle, SAP, InFor, Microsoft Dynamics, NCR, Award, Retalix, IFS, NetSuite, Aspen, Epicor, High Jump, Sage, Ross, NECS, CDR, NDS, SysPro Quick Books, Turning Point — just to name  a few.

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Mobile sales rep order entry and mobile order writing software empowers sales reps in the field to enter orders on smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for manual order entry and re-entry.

An ideal order entry system for today’s sales rep can not only enable sales reps to write orders faster, but also have those orders synced directly with back office systems once they’re written. The syncing of information is not just an outbound action. Data from the back office––like product or pricing updates, new customer details, and inventory levels can by synced to sales reps’ mobile devices in the field. Sales rep order entry and mobile order writing software ensure sales reps have all the relevant information they need to go into a sales meeting.

Ai2 core-logic dictates that you can update any data field any time to every device.  Our net changes technology allows for up-to-the-minute information to be pushed out to sales reps via their sales rep order entry system at all times.

These new order entry systems transcend traditional order writing methods through digital product catalogs that beautifully display products in high res images. Without a modern order entry system, sales reps usually have to rely on dull paper catalogs and a suitcase filled with samples to showcase their products. Now, sales reps in wholesale distribution can present their products as effectively as the retailers themselves. Leading order entry systems help deliver a branded experience that is consistent with other marketing channels, and custom branding features can allow sales reps to show off their brand’s logos and colors.

The adoption of mobile order writing software tells customers and competition alike that your brand is relevant and modern. Sales reps using new mobile sales order entry systems can take orders faster and more efficiently, while also reducing order processing costs. For manufacturers and distributors looking to maximize business on the road or at a trade show, new order entry systems can completely revolutionize the way they sell to customers.

The Ai2 Sales Rep Order Entry Platform

  • Prosel: A sales rep order entry tool that allows sales reps to enter iPad orders. ProSel’s connection to backend accounting systems like Oracle, SAP, or Dynamics means that the order will be sent to distribution while your sales rep is still talking about the future of his customer’s company. Click. Click. Done. The order is on its way.
  • OrderShark: An iPhone and Android smartphone sales rep order entry product that allows customers or reps to order products directly. It is a direct channel that lessens the sales overhead of your team.
  • POET: A Windows-based sales order entry solution that allows sales reps to place orders and fulfill product.
  • POW: A Windows Handheld solution that allows your sales reps to take orders faster then any other solution on the market.

Sales Rep Order Entry

Sales Rep Order Entry Supporting Articles

An Invoice App is the old way of doing business

The best invoice software only creates line items and drops those line items into an acceptable accounting system or ERP for processing. Look at this mobile invoice app – it’s very limited because of it’s very nature.  The best Sales Rep Order Entry apps on the other hand do this with ease and support the sales conversation with details of product information, availability in the supply chain, when the order will be delivered, what type of order (return, check for profitability, future accounting need, etc…).

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What Do Top Distributors Use For Order Entry?

When it comes to sales order software, many of the world’s top distributors in foodservice, wine and spirits, convenience store, fine jewelry, hardware, janitation, general merchandise, wholesale groceries, beverage, bottling, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, apparel, equipment and industrial tools have selected Ai2 for sales rep order entry.

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Two Big Reasons to Modernize Your Distributor Order Processing Software FIRST

For customers of Ai2 who have been at a similar inflection point of deciding to deploy sales rep order entry software as integrated to a legacy back office now or to wait to deploy until a new a ERP is selected and live, typically they chose to deploy now for two reasons.  The software functions independently of the ERP and communicates when it needs to allowing for complete software automation in very little implementation time and effort.  Ai2’s order management system includes advanced features like a barcode scanning app and fast, offline capable order processing software.

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How and Why To Select Order Management Software

Order management software also sometimes called mobile order writing, web order management, B2B eCommerce platform, back office integration app and sales rep order entry is a tool that can help your wholesale distribution business run more smoothly overnight. By enhancing efficiency, improving the quality of customer interactions and streamlining the work flow, deploying order management software has many benefits.

Top reasons to invest in order management software for your customers and sales reps.

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