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Mobile Sales App for Order Entry and Beyond

  • Since 1986, Ai2 has been dedicated to building the best mobile sales app for iPad, smartphone, Windows and the Web. We serve wholesalers, distributors and any company that wants to automate their sales process to improve productivity. We give your salespeople the mobile tools they need to increase sales.
  • No matter where you place orders: in the field, in the office, in a store, or at a trade show, we have solutions that are easy to use and will make the process as efficient as possible. We aim to save your company time, money, paper, manpower and fuel every day.
  • Our solutions are available on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows notebooks and Surface tablets, and over the Web. Ai2 sales solutions interface to your current ERP or back office system. We also have solutions for enterprise document management and proof of delivery.
  • More than 100,000 people count on Ai2 solutions every day to deliver fast, accurate and reliable sales orders. We serve billion-dollar organizations, worldwide brands, and SMBs. See what we can do for your company.

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  • apple business square

    Ai2’s solution truly stands out – not only for its rich functionality and versatility, but the team that stands behind it.

  • apple business square

    “Ai2 understands our customers’ paradigms and allows them to work in a dynamic and flexible way that transcends business models and verticals”

  • martignetti square logo

    “We needed a local database and we needed to control all the information that’s presented to our sales reps internally. We now have the ability to provide our reps with additional data such as pricing and demographics on our SKUs, customers and orders.”

  • bulova square logo

    “ProSel improved our efficiency with order entry. The handheld only accounted for 40% of the orders before ProSel, the other 60% were hand-keyed. Now, over 90% of our orders go straight into the system with ProSel. That leads to quicker fulfillment and faster sales. Sales reps build orders from history, they can scan bar codes, which they could do before but the scan didn’t show any information for the product they scanned. The sales reps love it.”

  • vintnergroup

    “With Ai2, each of our sales consultants has optimal support in the field.”

  • saloncentric

    “The robust functionality along with the built in flexibility allowed us to meet the needs of many different types of customers with a single software solution.”

  • lancaster

    “I am delighted to report that the POW sales solution has met or exceeded our expectations. Ai2 has enabled us to meet our business objectives.”

  • jpolep

    “We are doing more with software in terms of placing orders, ensuring accuracy and managing accounts receivable. We’re not over-allocating like in the Telxon days.”

  • pinestate

    “We will save $500,000 by implementing OrderShark. This smartphone app gives us a value-added service for our retail customers and makes it easier for them to buy from us.”

  • hla

    “We will fill 50,000 order voids this year and make an additional $10 million in sales as a result of using Ai2’s ProSel solution.”

  • don

    “That little puppy shows up to work every day, 24/7. The database is great, it’s improved our business and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

  • citywholesalegrocery

    “Our salespeople are more productive, they love the app, and they need virtually no tech support. ProSel just works.”

  • ebp

    “The benefits of rolling out POET were apparent immediately: more information available to our salespeople, more accurate pricing and the ability to build sales orders and quotes quickly.”


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Why Choose Ai2?

We have a wide selection of solutions for mobile salespeople, retailers, managers and executives. Our solutions run on iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows handhelds, notebooks, and Windows tablets.
We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our software solutions for the mobile sales force and retail customers. Not only are Ai2 applications highly configurable on the front end, but we can communicate and sync with any ERP system on the back end. Some systems are so familiar to us that we have a drop-in solution.
We have a long history of providing order entry solutions for foodservice distributors, but our software suite supports the business model of any company that sends salespeople into the field to take orders or make presentations.
We’ve been developing and customizing sales solutions to meet the needs of various industries since 1986. Ai2 has the expertise you need to make your business grow. See what some of our customers say about our products. Keep in touch with the latest developments on Twitter and our blog.