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Smartphone Order Entry App – Android & iPhone | OrderShark™

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    OrderShark is a smartphone order entry app for Android and iPhone. It replaces old hardware, pen and paper, or any outdated method of placing orders from a wholesale distributor. Retailers can use their own smartphones to scan barcodes, look up product descriptions, and build sales orders.

    Distributors can use this order entry app to add value and convenience for the retailers they serve – it automates the most time-consuming part of the sales process. Distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers will save time, money, paper and computer hardware expense. OrderShark works in any retail environment with iPhone 4 and up, iPod Touch, and any Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. Independent retailers already have smartphones – let them bring their own device (BYOD) and use this app to order from your wholesale distribution company.

    Download the free version for your smartphone, then contact Ai2 for information about the full OrderShark solution.

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More AboutOrderShark

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How Ordershark Works

OrderShark™ Retail Order Entry for Android, iPhone and iPod Touch with Bar Code Scanning

  • OrderShark is an order entry app for Android, iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed for retail order entry, the app lets you scan barcodes and UPCs, enter item numbers, copy, email, delete and edit orders.
  • The BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) approach saves you from making a large hardware investment. You also don’t have to support or repair devices.
  • OrderShark provides superior, fast, easy order entry while solving acoustic connectivity problems.
  • If you have old Telxons or MSIs, OrderShark provides a superior handheld order entry solution – without purchasing new hardware.

OrderShark interfaces quickly and easily to your existing order processing methods, which shortens deployment time.  A distributor or retailer need not purchase any new computer hardware or deal with complicated deployment logistics.

Users simply download OrderShark from the Apple or Android app store to their existing smartphones or iPods, enter a specifically assigned confirmation number and begin building their orders immediately. If you don’t have a Telxon interface, you can still get OrderShark working for your retail customers.  Contact Ai2 and we’ll help you get set up.


  • Thousands of convenience stores use OrderShark every day to place quick, hassle-free orders from their distributors
  • Runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Android phones and tablets
  • Install the app and you are ready to order
  • Scans all UPCs, shelf tags and barcodes. OrderShark looks up product descriptions if the barcode is unknown
  • Send your orders effortlessly via cellular or WiFi directly to your distributor
  • Receive confirmations that your orders have been delivered and processed
  • Save, copy and email your orders
  • Place orders for multiple stores on the same device
  • Attach comments to your distributor with your order
  • Schedule your distributor to pick up returns

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