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OrderShark Features


This smartphone scanning app has the best camera scanning technology in the world.  Utilize the smartphone camera to scan and read any UPC, bar-code, shelf tag and QR code in multiple scan modes. Easy toggle between camera scan and a Bluetooth scan modes.

Order Guides

With this smartphone scanning app you can select an order guide to place suggested orders via a single touch, such as prebooks, program compliance, daily specials, missing best sellers and new items.

Order History & Review

With the OrderShark smartphone scanning app the user can copy past orders to build new orders.  Orders can be reviewed, edited, deleted, and adjusted at any time right from the Order List.

Order Confirmation

Sent Orders from the smartphone scanning app go straight into your back office system and the user receives a confirmation that the order has been received and processed. Orders are sent via any cellular or WiFi Network.

Order Header & Multi-Store

The user can add a comment and a ship date to any order in the smartphone scanning app.  Your customers can use the same App to order for multiple stores or any selected store in their chain.

Email & Branding

Any sent order from the smartphone scanning app can be easily emailed by the user for manager review, record keeping or any other purpose.  Private brand the app, icon and splash screen with your logo.


Do your customers have their own item and contract prices?  No problem. The OrderShark smartphone scanning app supports customer-item-specific pricing with order totaling.

Product Catalog Search

Fast alpha-numeric progressive search of your entire product catalog and price book are features of this smartphone scanning app.

Fast Deploy & Sales Rep Config

The smartphone scanning app can be fully deployed in less than one week and does not require an interface.   The app can be configured for sales rep use. Close to 5,000 retailers and sales reps use this smartphone scanning app.

OrderShark In Action

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

Grow Your Sales and Expand Your Reach

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