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After over 30 years designing and refining software for wholesale distributor mobile order management we have mastered the art.   Our solution set has been selected by many of the largest distribution companies in the world.  We also support more intimate organizations by creating a close relationship with the teams who are ready to modernize their order enablement technologies to improve the customer and employee experience.   200 distribution companies and over 50,000 end users depend on Ai2’s mobile ordering solutions everyday.  No other stand alone software platform on the market writes more mobile sales orders each and every year in whoelsale distribution than Ai2.   Don’t take our word for it contact us for a reference in your industry.

Ai2 has successfully integrated its solutions to hundreds of separate ERPs, as well as many home grown back-office systems.  Our platform is ERP/Back-Office “agnostic” and can interface/integrate with your back-office system for 100% automation from the point of remote order capture to wharehouse pick-ticket-print.   The Ai2 server software can be hosted in the cloud by Ai2, or may be installed on your premise.  It is your choice.

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