Author: Andrew Johnson


What are Wholesale Distributors?

In basic terms, wholesale distributors are middleman between the manufacturer, who produces the products, and the retailer, who ultimately sells those products to customers. Simply put, wholesale distributors purchases products in bulk quantities directly from the manufacturer. Secondly, wholesale distributors …


Food Distributors

Food distributors function as intermediaries. In other words, they work between food manufacturers and the food retail outlet. Importantly, they work with chefs, directors, managers, and operator owners. Firstly, foodservice distributors purchase, store, sell and deliver food products. Secondly, they …


B2B M-commerce – What is it?

B2B M-commerce is a method used between businesses to transact sales with one another via mobile devices. B2B stands for Business to Business. Whereas B2C stands for Business to Consumer commerce. Also, B2B M-commerce is often referred to as B2B …