Ai2 Brings the First App To Market with Sales AI for Distributors

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Artificial Intelligence Will Support The Future of Sales Conversations

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology has exploded in recent years. Common AI personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are helping people figure out their daily schedules, controlling the lights and thermostats in homes, and helping commuters find the best route to work.  With this type of technology in the hands of the consumers you have to wonder why sales organizations heavily invested in field sales personnel haven’t embraced the even the slightest bit of sales AI in there process.

Sales efficiency is an area that has been low hanging fruit for AI assistance for years and AI is at the point where it can be more useful, in the office than at home on businesses mobile devices. Sales AI has evolved from being a sophisticated calculator or database analyzer to an entity that can help reps, marketing and management solve their biggest challenges and enhance their market offerings.

Ai2 has introduced a tool that is the first of it’s kind for distributors — PresentPro

Let Me See Sales AI

Retail Execution Tasks With Sales AI

Among the most useful features of sales AI for assisting reps is helping them gather useful data from the field using form based sales AI. Rather than having your human sales team be bogged down with remembering to fill out deal paperwork, gather in-store display compliance, pricing and competitive intelligence, scheduling, and other tasks that take place at a store location.  AI is able to bring these tasks quickly to the fore front and with a high level of accuracy.

With guided task capability, a salesperson now has more structure sent to them by sales AI so they can begin to craft a human relationship based on the intelligence gathered from the sales force – which is often needed to eventually deepen the existing relationship. In a recent study titled “The Wasted Work Day”, the average American employee spends 40% of their working hours on preparing necessary tasks instead of executing them. With more time to focus on building relationships with clients, sales reps are effective with a larger clients pool, making the entire process much more efficient.

AI can coach and manage your sales force as well. Rather than having your sales team focus on individual success companies can let AI figure out how and why a particular sales rep is struggling. By identifying potential weaknesses, sales associates can rely on sales AI to prepare them and coach them for future interactions.

The beauty of an AI driven platform, like PresentPro is that it has the power to adapt and apply new customer insights to future initiatives. Customer behaviors and marketing engagements change on a day-to-day basis, and until now, the audience data that companies rely on has failed to keep up. The implementation of sales artificial intelligence enables distributors to provide its retailers consistently evolving data that allows them to grow with their existing customers, rather than play catch-up.  Help me do more for my customers with the need for less.

Creating Deeper Wallet Penetration With Sales AI

For distributors with large areas of retailers that are serviced, sales AI can help manage a system to show the current priorities. After all, the growth path for most distributors is to further penetrate existing retail accounts.

This is especially useful as margins become tighter due to outside competition (see our article about Amazon’s entry into the market place) and sale’s forces shrink due to the presence of omni-channel order options.  The deployment of sales AI creates a foundation for a small amount of reps to manage a large number of retailers. With sales AI, a company can meet the needs of an ever-expanding clientele base without spending large amounts of money on human resources.

From content to retail execution to order management Ai2’s tools lay the foundation to sell better, faster and smarter.

Let Me See Sales AI

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