Consumerization of IT

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Consumerization of IT is driven by employees and customers who buy their own devices, use their own personal online service accounts, install their own applications and then connect to the corporate network with the device, often without the organization’s knowledge.

Consumerization of IT is used to describe the cycle of information technology  emerging in the consumer market, spreading to business and government organizations, largely because employees are using the popular “consumer market” technologies and devices at home and then introducing them in the workplace.   In etnerprise, we expect our business apps to work as well and as easy as our consumer apps do.

Consumerization of IT demands that business software be easy to use.

We live and work in an increasingly mobile and dynamic space. Providing convenience for our customers, we created ProSel and OrderShark apps especially designed for outside sales reps and customers to build orders, access product information and images, and organize digital content.   With reference to the Consumerization of IT, these apps run on the rep’s or customer’s tablets and smartphones.   The apps scan UPCs and bar codes with instant access to all facets of product and inventory information right in the palm of one’s hands.   As with the Consumerization of IT, our apps are the next logical step to providing the best possible user experience and service.  Mobile not only gives us that accuracy and immediacy, but the solution interface really provides an engaging and rich user experience that helps keep customers loyal.

Consumerization of IT tells us that 83% of organizations are planning to invest in mobile technology in the next 12 months, with the majority of spending being for tablet software (49%).  Enterprises are capitalizing on the Consumerization of IT movement and the proliferation of mobile devices by developing applications aimed at improving employee productivity and customer satisfaction, many running BYOD.

Ai2’s apps are design for the wholesale industry and empowers both customers and sales representatives to easily place orders using their own mobile devices.  The Consumerization of IT movement demands that our software be easy to use, requires little to no training and runs on the mobile devices the reps and customers already have.   ProSel is a scalable and flexible sales solution for sales reps and customers in wholesale distribution.  The benefits users report include reduced printing costs, a sharp reduction in order entry errors, saved time, more information at their finger tips and low IT maintenance.  According to our users, ProSel running on the iPad empowers sales reps to serve their customers even better.  Sales reps love the application.  ProSel is making the sales reps more productive while eliminating the need for them to lug laptops and stacks of paper with them everywhere they go.  From an IT perspective, sales reps using ProSel require virtually no tech support.

Another app influenced by the Consumerization of IT craze is OrderShark.   The OrderShark app has the best camera scanning technology in the world.  Sales reps and customers utilize their own smartphone cameras to scan and read any UPC, bar-code, shelf tag and QR code in multiple scan modes.  The users can simply toggle between camera scan and a Bluetooth scanner mode.  Orders go straight into the back office system and the user receives a confirmation that the order has been received and processed.  Orders are sent via any cellular or WiFi Network.   Consumerization of IT requires our business apps be easy to install, just by clicking a link – 1,2, 3.

Just like the Dilbert carton at top, your employees and customers demand the same IT experience in enterprise as they have at home on their smartphones, tablets or online.  Consumerization of IT is here to stay.   Enterprise software needs to promote the same user experience as the Uber app; or ordering a reservation for diner


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