Does your Order Management System (OMS) Use Old Technology

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A lot of Order Management Software (OMS) on the market today may look “pretty” but use old technology at their core.

 Is your OMS using sub-second, session based synchronization technology that handles millions of rows of data, thousands of simultaneous connections and real-time data-sync of only that data needed by the remote client? Or is your OMS using “disguised”, cumbersome and forty-year old FTP methodology to move data?

True Automation

Is your OMS in use by multi-billion-dollar distributors with 500 or more sales reps simultaneously receiving intraday data updates and transmitting 5,000 remote orders a day?
Does your OMS have to rely on multiple API integrations (with the whole mess of related difficulties), which are required to overcome its interface and design limitations?
“ProSel by Ai2 can handle far more data than any other mobile ordering solution that we know of. Our reps are just thrilled!” Martignetti Companies, Inc.
“We could not be happier than we are with ProSel and Ai2.”
Core-Mark International
We are using Ai2 to mange over 1.5 million products in every Walmart and Target store in the U.S.
The Walt Disney Company
“Ai2’s OMS is that little puppy that shows up to work every single day. We would recommend it to anyone!”
Edward Don & Company

Are these your complaints or fears?

“Some functionality that was advertised isn’t possible, and have us doubting our decision”
“Limited ability to customize”
“No management of commissions”
“Orders don’t stay in the archives long enough to use the reorder features” 

Our OMS solutions are flexible enough to meet your unique business needs – not the other way around.


Don’t be stuck with lesser OMS that could negatively impact your business and ability to scale

“In order to get stock on hand and AR we have to manually export and import files”
“I wish there was a way to integrate the items that are out of stock in real time so we are always aware of what is on the out of stock report, which our company still needs to send as a daily email.”
“Getting data updates! sometimes it goes on forever, sometimes I just have to take the order on my Notes app and fill in my order software later when it’s done updating”

Our OMS Technology is Superior. It can’t hurt to have a conversation.


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