Food Distribution Order Entry Software Deployed by Sysco


Food Distribution Software Selected by Sysco

Sysco Asia has selected the OrderShark food distribution software application for direct deployment to its customers for mobile sales entry to their customers right on their own personal devices.

The team at Sysco has selected the OrderShark system for their customers over the home-grown Sysco Foods Application titled Sysco Market Express available to every division because of OrderShark’s:

  • Hardware Flexibility
  • Camera Barcode Scanning Engine
  • Ability to interface with all major bluetooth scanners (including Honeywell, Socket and UniTech)
  • Ability to build complete orders offline
  • Language flexibility
  • Robust per customer pricing engine

On top of the robust feature set above the installed price of the mobile order entry software and on going maintenance is significantly lower to the division then Sysco Mobile and Sysco Market Express.  Ai2’s software suite for omni-channel ordering in the specialty food vertical is being chosen by all types of food distributors because it can interface with any data source that is presented and send that data in an easy to use, simple interface compatible with all the major mobile operating systems so that any company of any size and allow their customers and reps to access the catalog, order history and order guides.

In 2015 The food distribution software from Ai2 will be deployed by Sysco’s Asia Foods Division.   Sysco Asia will be deploying Ai2’s POET food distribution software for Sysco’s sales reps to handle their mobile order management.

Food distribution software has been a specialty of Ai2 for close to 30 years with hundreds of food distributors having automated with Ai2’s food distribution software.  Food distribution is a unique industry in many ways and food distribution software has to be robust enough to meet its needs.  Inventory management and tracking is critical. Broken Case Unit Conversions, Catch Weight Pricing, Flexible Contract Pricing, Par Levels, Margin Management, Menu Planning, Rebates, Substitute Items, Promotions, Credits, Quotations, Surveys and Real Time Pricing are just some of the requirements that make the food industry unique.

Ai2’s POET food distribution software for sales rep order management was specifically designed to meet these requirements and to help distributors meet the challenges of today’s economic environment by automating the remote ordering process.  With this powerful food distribution software, food distributors can manage enterprise resources, orders, supply chain, and customer relationships more efficiently and effectively.

The POET  food distribution software for order management is much more than an order taking app.  The Ai2 food distribution software is integrated with the distributor’s enterprise back office system.   This food distribution software gives the sales team real-time access to customer and product information anytime, anywhere they need it.  The POET  food distribution software for order management allows the sales team the ability to search the product catalog, check price and availability, see related products, new products, and current promotions, A/R information, invoices, order history, and much more.  With the  POET  food distribution software for order management, sales reps can enter and track quotes, customer orders, and review a customer’s order status.   With the POET  food distribution software for order management, sales reps can also work with Order Guides and easily export and import customer quotes.

Sysco is the world’s largest foodservice distributor with $46 billion in sales for fiscal year 2014.  Sysco services 425,000 customers in the foodservice industry.  Sysco Asia Foods division services over 1,300 customers throughout the Midwest, with annual sales in excess of $100 million.


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