How and Why To Select Order Management Software

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Top reasons to invest in order management software for your customers and sales reps.

Order management software also sometimes called mobile order writing, web order management, B2B eCommerce platform, back office integration app and sales rep order entry is a tool that can help your wholesale distribution business run more smoothly overnight. By enhancing efficiency, improving the quality of customer interactions and streamlining the work flow, deploying order management software has many benefits.

Top reasons to invest in order management software for your customers and sales reps.


Integration with your Back Office System

To be effective, order management software must sync to your back-office system. Everything from what a customer has previously ordered, to their customer specific pricing, what inventory is available for orders plus more will be able to sync from the back office system to your order management software. Ai2’s core logic dictates that you can update this information as often as you like in the field since it employs only net changes to the front end. Sales reps and customers can place orders right where they are and the order will go straight into your ERP so you do not have to rekey the order. This helps minimize mistakes and ensures an accurate order.

Access to Information

As a distributor, your customers and sales reps need access to information to be effective either running their business or supporting other businesses. Order management software allows the omni-channel orders to converge for a seamless experience. You will no longer have to work from many antiquated databases, excel spreadsheets or call the office to complete a single transaction. Access to data, pricing, shipping and tracking information reduces time needed to process and complete the order, and ultimately results in faster turnaround time and a better customer interactions.

Real Time Inventory

When order management software integrates properly to inventory levels, customers and sales reps can be assured they are only ordering items when they are available. Integration with inventory systems doesn’t just equal benefits to customers. Distributors can take advantage of the coordination to keep inventory levels efficient. If information is constantly updated and available about the products with the highest selling rates and their current availability, you can easily manage your reorders more efficiently. This can have the advantage of freeing up warehousing space and costs.

Tracking Orders

Order management software also goes beyond just ordering products. With proper integration customers and reps can identify what was ordered, when it was ordered, where it is in the shipping process, and if it was received. Keeping track of the order status allows customers and reps to always have visibility of an order. It makes planning that much easier for customers and sales reps. It also provides a cushion if something were to happen to the order that was out of your control. The “paper trail” documented by an order management system therefore puts your customer at ease, as they can trace where exactly their product is.
With the ability for a customers or sales reps to answer their own questions and place their own orders it streamlines the entire order management process. With everything synced to the organization’s back office system it can give your business insight that will help propel growth and realize immediate ROI.

Most distributors are now investing in new technology to streamline their sales processes and provide the modern experience the next generation customers expect.

Order Management Software ROI

Increased Sales

Order management software empowers reps to be effective salespeople, establish concrete and real relationships, and maintain those relationships with customers. Distributors see increased profits through higher customer retention rates, sales reps will also be able to use tools like a digital product catalog, real time inventory information, and customer intelligence to sell more strategically and maximize each and every meeting with retailers.

Streamlined Operations for Reduced Costs

Margins are thin and time is short. That’s why you can’t let inefficiencies cut into your profit margin. Take the process into your own hands with order management software mobile order writing, web order management, a B2B eCommerce platform, and back office integration, sales order management and streamline it now for improved margins in the long run. Additionally, the longer an order takes to submit, the longer the delay will be to get the order shipped out and those are the obvious costs.

What about opportunity costs? Repetitive tasks are taking over, when that time could be spent doing more important things–like having more meetings with customers and making more sales. By making order processing as simple as a few taps and swipes on an iPad, order management software drastically reduces your overhead costs.

More Orders

This has a lot to do with the speed at which your customers and reps are able to work. Sales reps are able to see more customers on the road and at trade shows, allowing them to write more orders in less times. They are also able to write and process orders of any size, even smaller orders that they may not have previously thought were worth their time.


Big costs associated with backorders, order cancellations, and returns due to errors. Distributors have reported sending the wrong items to customers, sending items to the incorrect address, and even–in a particularly devastating double whammy–sending the wrong items to the wrong address. Order management systems, mobile order writing, web order management, a B2B eCommerce platform, and back office integration and sales order management systems eliminate all of these possibilities.

Move Product Faster

With an instantaneous submission of orders, order management software can have items picked and packed within minutes of a sales rep’s meeting with the retailer. Faster order fulfillment means faster overall turnaround time, higher sell-through rates, more frequent reorders, and increased customer retention rates.

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