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Content Management System Through Inbound Marketing App

An inbound marketing app can dramatically improve how you reach and connect with your customers. How good would it be to have a content management system that solves the problem of content delivery to your customers? eMarketer is an inbound marketing app that directly delivers all digital content to your customer’s own smartphones.  The mobile marketing app is an absolute necessity in marketing content to your customers.

eMarketer is a private labeled, customized application that helps you get messages out to your customers directly.  Using eMarkerter you can seamlessly and easily stay integrate to your current content management system to stay in constant contact with your customers. Share and deliver all dynamic content daily with alerts notification right on your customer’s smartphones.  Any digital content format that is supported by the smartphone (videos, audio, .pfds. tex docs, jpegs, Excel, PPTs, etc.,. ) can be easily delivered and accessed by your customers.  Distributor and manufacturer content such as daily specials, promotional items, planograms, program compliance tracking, tradeshow information, new items, and close-out items, and much more.   Think of it as your own Groupon app for your business.

An App Build To Communicate

An app for communication is a good option for businesses in foodservice and convenience store distribution, and other distributors of fast moving consumer goods.   The eMarkerter app avoids the need for making expensive paper catalogs and mailing them out to your customers every month. This inbound marketing app replaces or enhances that process.  All files and folders you deliver are easily stored and organized in one place on your customer’s smartphone (Android or iOS) with a very easy user interface.   Using the eMarkerter inbound marketing app your customers do not have to wait or go through lengthy catalogs to find out what’s new or special related to the goods you sell.

The eMarketer inbound marketing app is developed by Ai2 but may be private labeled and offered by you thorough your own app store front.   You tell your customers to simply go to the app store and install the inbound marketing app.   It is as simple as that.   The eMarketer inbound marketing app is inexpensive and easy to set-up and deploy.  It takes less than one day.   There is no rocket science here, as Ai2 will handle everything and you are given access to Ai2’s User Management Portal (UMP).  Using the Ai2 UMP you simply post the content files and folders you want to deliver and create your distribution lists.   Your content is then automatically synced to the eMarketer inbound marketing app.  Your customers will get an alert notifying them to open the app whenever you add new content to the UMP.

eMarketer is the ultimate inbound marketing app with hassle free content delivery and content management.  The eMarketer inbound marketing app has been successfully deployed by distribution giant Harold Levinson Associates (HLA) and offered to its 20,000 customers.


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