An Invoice App is the old way of doing business

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Invoice App and Mobile Invoice Software Not Good Enough for B2b Commerce

In some larger organizations the term mobile invoice has become synonymous with mobile order writing.  This happens when a company moves the order process in house or increases it’s sales rep presence quickly.  They then have to support the order writing process and they look for a mobile invoice app to solve the order entry problems.   Really what they are looking for is order entry automation via a mobile invoice app.

Invoice AppLet’s look at some of the similarities and why an order entry experience is superior to developing and deploying invoice software.  What is ultimately being designed in an invoice app is designed to customize sales and business processes. Thus, the desired benefits to companies are:

  • end-to-end viability for payables and receivables
  • supply chain management ability
  • track asset life cycles
  • assist with project accounting and reporting on profits and financials
  • revenue recognition that fits within accounting standards
  • error free order management or invoicing from the field automated to the ERP
  • customized pricing based per customer and catalog availability for the sales reps to easily and quickly create invoices or orders

Mobile Order App is Built To Expand

The best invoice software only creates line items and drops those line items into an acceptable accounting system or ERP for processing. Look at this mobile invoice app – it’s very limited because of it’s very nature.  The best Sale Rep Order Entry apps on the other hand do this with ease and support the sales conversation with details of product information, availability in the supply chain, when the order will be delivered, what type of order (return, check for profitability, future accounting need, etc…).  An order management app assumes you are creating an order for a need and not a quote or invoice for future service and thus pushes the sales conversation forward faster.

mobile order app

Also, an invoice app doesn’t lend itself to a very important concept – omni-channel order management.  Once you establish a solid order management database you can then open up the option for a mobile invoice app directly accessible by your customers.  Even the best invoice software doesn’t lend itself to be a customer facing application or B2b eCommerce website.

For organizations trying to define projects and assigning a project manager it’s best to look at world’s best order management companies and follow suit in order not to be left behind.  Amazon created its services and order management apps around B2c but is quickly becoming a leader in the B2b eCommerce space.  They didn’t create a mobile invoice app – they created an order app.  If the customer wants something they should be able to buy it.  Alibaba didn’t allow its customers to make line item invoices the built an order management platform.  Granger doesn’t send its sales reps into the field with only the ability to create quotes and invoices from its applications they take orders and do it better than anyone.

Learn From Your B2b eCommerce Customers

As the new generation comes to managerial and purchasing power age, their preferred method of purchasing (eCommerce) will surpass older processes.

In general, B2B customers want to see their B2C conveniences transfer over.

  • 72% of B2B customers want self-service access to accounts and orders
  • 64% of B2B customers want scheduled deliveries

“The modern millennial B2B buyer doesn’t want to have to pick up a phone to order,” says Doug Root, CEO at Atlanta Light Bulbs.

“Today’s B2B buyers just want to get things done – right then and there.”

The best invoice apps don’t allow for the future of B2b eCommerce, they actually set you back and are the old way of doing business.  Building a mobile order app sets you down the modernization path of success.

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