Krasdale Foods Goes Mobile


Sales Order Management App for Omni-Channel Order Enablement

OrderShark, has been deployed by Krasdale Foods to handle their customers’ sales mobile order management needs.  Now Krasdale’s restaurant and food retail customers are now able to use their own personal smart devices for order entry and order management — allowing Krasdale’s customers to place remote orders using their own iPhone and Android smartphones.

Using the omni-channel approach to order enablement, Krasdale’s customers are now be able to place “on-the-floor” orders for fast reaction to out-of-stock products and inventory fluctuations.    Using OrderShark, Krasdale’s customers now have a quick and easy way to react to out-of-stock situations or changes in product demand.   In addition, Krasdale’s restaurant and food retail customers can now access Krasdale’s full product catalog, work with order guides and review all their past order history — even copy their order history to build present orders.

The OrderShark smartphone sales order management app allows Krasdale to make a faster response to their customers’ out-of-stock situations.  Krasdale was quickly able to improve customer satisfaction by automating the sometimes difficult replenishment processes.  It’s simple to give customers mobile access to order entry, product catalogs, order history, barcode scanning, order guides and order copying.   The OrderShark smartphone Order Management App has allowed Krasdale to reduce its delivery, sales force, and call center costs, while also providing an excellent customer experience for Krasdale’s restaurant and food retail buyers.

Customer Replenishment via Mobile App

By putting the power of replenishment into their customer’s hands Krasdale’s sales team is now able to focus on growing their customers base through the offering of modernized technology and mobile CRM.  In addition, the sale reps are able to focus their time with the customer on solution based selling changing the paradigm of decades of wholesaler and retail relationships and increasing the quality of the personal interactions.

Krasdale Foods Inc. distributes various grocery, household items, and dairy and frozen products and is one of the largest foodservice suppliers on the East Coast.  It offers its products through a network of neighborhood stores and independent supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Krasdale Foods Inc. was formerly known as A. Krasne Inc. and changed its name to Krasdale Foods Inc. in November 1941. The company was founded in 1908 and is headquartered in White Plains, New York.

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