Mobile Business Apps for Millennials

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Last month I took my daughters to Disneyland. In the seemingly never-ending line for Space Mountain, I noticed all around us that many people in line were making a lot of noise and playing some game on their smartphones.

I asked Gracie, 13, “What’s that game everyone is playing and putting their iPhones over their heads, are they trying to guess words or something?” Gracie knew the game immediately (of course). “Dad, that’s the ‘Heads Up!’ app, do you want to play it?” For the next 90 minutes we played the game together and had almost as much fun waiting in line as we did on the ride.  Mobile business apps should be as fun and easy as Heads Up!

To the millennial generation, mobile is more than a convenience, it’s an extension of their very being. We are standing on the precipice of a huge generation shift that will change everything we thought we knew about doing business with our customers. Millennials (aged approx. 18-34) are the largest and the most educated generation in the history of the U.S.   In a few years, they will make-up 75% of the US work force.   Mobile business apps for millennials most be as easy to use as the Ellen DeGeneres Heads UP! app.

This rapidly growing segment of the population is your customer base, the very future core of your business. millennials are doing everything with their smartphones: dating, hailing taxis, buying cars, paying for coffee, banking, and planning their next adventure. Their mobile phones are their lifeline. On average, millennials check their mobile phones more than 100 times a day. Get to their smartphones and you’ll get to their hearts.  Mobile business apps for millennials will need to be convenient, simple and as easy to use as the consumer and gaming apps they have been using since they were toddlers.

Many of our customers see this trend and have adopted a mobile-first strategy with great success.  Ai2 offers the easiest and most robust mobile apps for business in the marketplace.   Just like the Heads-Up! app, our mobile business apps are easy, addictive to use and just might make standing in a long line at Disneyland seem fun!  No user manual required!

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