Why ERP Integration for Mobile Sales Tools Is Important for Efficient Supply Chains

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Why ERP Integration for Mobile Sales Tools Is Important for Efficient Supply Chains

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For wholesale distributors and manufactures of wholesale products the mobile sales tools and mobile CRMs that take orders is critical for efficient supply chains, accurate and timely processing of customer orders. These tools must be built for proper integration into current and future backend ERP systems.  If they are properly integrated for efficient supply chains you can access bill to and ship to addresses, item availability or substitute items if they are not available, unit pricing the customer is entitled to, and their shipping terms. Because of Ai2’s unique data integration process all of these data points and any other data points that are needed can be populated to the field on a minute by minute basis.  Ai2’s unique ERP integration process can move the net changes of these fields Once the order is entered you need to ship and invoice the merchandise in a timely manner without the use of APIs.

Ai2 Has Over 30 Years of Experience

We’ve successfully integrated our mobile sales tools and hybrid mobile CRM to 100’s of back office ERP systems and have been recognized by SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, NCR and many other small and large back office systems for our integration process.  Our SAP integration success has been well documented.  You can find the SAP integration white paper here.


List of ERPs for Distributors

While the list of all of the back office ERP systems we’ve created efficient supply chains to is too long to mention here is a general list of where we have experience.

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