Order Management Systems – The Lifeblood of your Business

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Order Management Systems OMS Impacts All Aspects of Your Business

B2b eCommerce Order Management Systems are much more than filling out an order form or entering a few key strokes on a computer– it’s the first step to a sequence of events: payment, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, backorder management, advanced reporting, customer retention, and marketing.

Order Management Systems (OMS) automate order fulfillment.

The way you fill your orders is vital to your business. If you’re Order Management Systems are not processing orders efficiently, you’re not generating revenue.

If you’re not generating revenue and doing it consistently, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Once an order is submitted a warehouse needs to pick, pack and ship products, with inventory being reduced in real time and out of stock items being automatically reordered.  To be as efficient as possible the process needs to be fully automated and interfaced with all critical aspects of your business. If implemented correctly, optimized fully automated systems can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

What is the criteria for selecting an Order Management System that can propel your business to the next level?

For a sales rep nothing is more frustrating than working extremely hard but not having the necessary tools to do the job to your full potential. Order Management Systems enable sales reps to place orders, check inventory, track invoices, and view overall purchase history of each client. The proper Order Management Systems not only improves productivity they also increases sales rep satisfaction.

Order Management Automation – Placing Orders on the Spot

Every step of your order process should be automated. The more interaction employees have with the process, the more chance there is for human error, not to mention the increase in cost incurred. Your Order Management Systems OMS must be able to reduce, and eventually, eliminate manual steps in the order process. Do so and you will increase efficiency, free up valuable resources and improve your
ROI. Order Management Systems OMS allow your reps the ability to place orders while in the middle of a sales calls and Order Management Systems OMS empower a sales rep to close business on the spot. Any delay from close to order entry gives a client time to doubt his or her decision and change his or her mind. With an iPad in hand a rep can go through the complete sales cycle in a matter of minutes in one meeting rather than multiple meetings to get a hard close for an order. Order Management Systems OMS allow the sales rep to complete the order entry process face to face with a customer.

B2b eCommerce Requires Real-time Inventory

Syncing to your inventory is critical to prevent back-orders, or refunds in the case of the item not being in stock. Nothing hurts a business more than not being able to fulfill a customer order. Have it happen multiple times and you may just lose a customer forever. By ensuring your Order Management Systems OMS have access to real time inventory your orders will always be filled and your customers will remain satisfied. Order Management Systems OMS give your sales reps the technology to check inventory in real-time and this is one of the easiest ways to improve employee satisfaction within your sales force.

OMS offers Improved Communication

When an order comes in, if it is not communicated quickly to your warehouse you are losing valuable time needed to fulfill the order. Ensure your Order Management Systems OMS are able to communicate orders from point of sale through to fulfillment in the quickest manner possible. Further, communication with customers is important for any business. Quick access to customer orders provides your business with the ability to respond quickly to customer queries, thereby cultivating a positive and, hopefully, long term relationship with them. Order Management Systems OMS give your reps the ability to communicate effectively with your customers and strengthens relationships; Order Management Systems OMS allowing salespeople to track their customers’ invoices gives them the opportunity to keep in touch with clients regarding the status of their orders.

Order Applications Consolidation

Customers purchase products in various locations, whether it’s through online marketplaces, your sales rep, your website, mobile or via call centers. Order Management Systems OMS need to be able handle all of these purchases without a glitch. And Order Management Systems OMS need to do so from a single, integrated database that is accessible by everyone in your organization. If using multiple databases for each individual channel, you have an increased potential for errors.

B2b eCommerce Customer Order History for Fast Re-Orders

In order to stay organized and make future purchases easier it is beneficial if a salesperson can view the purchase history for each of his or her customers. Being able to easily reorder popular items keeps clients happy and promotes speed. Order Management Systems OMS should give reps the ability to view a customer’s entire purchase history and this takes the guesswork out of completing a reorder.

Mobile Order Customer Management

Customer communications should be part of every order. Knowing that their order was received, is being processed, when it will ship; resolving any issues is critical to a positive customer experience and the success of any wholesale business. Managing your customers is as important a feature of Order Management Systems OMS as any other component.

The best sales reps are good at what they do because they have an innate drive and discipline. Giving them Order Management Systems is the right tool they need to do their job to their fullest
potential. With superior Order Management Systems OMS your team’s productivity and job satisfaction will bound upward.

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