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Order solutions provider Ai2 today announced that BWI Companies, Inc. will automate its sales rep order management needs with Ai2’s ProSel app.  BWI.  ProSel is a native sales order app for iPad.

BWI’s sales reps wanted to improve its sales rep order management efficiency and reduce support costs and errors.  BWI’s reps needed order solutions that could do much more than its legacy system.  Requirements included:

  • scan barcodes
  • automate returns
  • deliver paperless sales content
  • robust pricing controls
  • allow for order guided ordering
  • electronic signature capture
  • up-selling features
  • product images
  • enterprise content management
  • catalog browse
  • order history
  • barcode scanning
  • email of sales quotes
  • automated returns
  • order guides
  • 100% off line functionality

ProSel was the sales order app that handles each objective with ease.

According to BWI’s management team, Ai2’s ProSel stood out in the vendor search. Ai2’s experience and its implementation team were also important factors. The ProSel sales order app offers up-selling features, product images and the ability to paperlessly handle all sales content.   In addition, the ProSel sales order app’s ability to handle order guides were factors that led BWI to select ProSel for sales rep order management.   The ProSel sales order app will be deployed to a BWI sales force of 125 sales reps.

“More and more distributors are realizing that mobile capability is not a luxury, but a necessity,” said Douglas Katich, CEO for Ai2.   “In a very competitive marketplace, the vendor whose team has access to the most actionable information in the field will win more business. We’re very excited that BWI has select the ProSel sales order app for BWI’s mobile order management needs.   We are very proud for BWI to join our customer family,” added Katich.

ProSel is the #1 order solutions for the wholesale distribution industry.

BWI Companies, Inc. was founded in 1958 by Bob and Betty Bunch as a retail seed store in Texarkana, Texas. The company began wholesale operations in 1972 and has since expanded to a total of 14 locations, including 8 full line distribution centers across the Mid-south and Southeastern United States.  BWI currently distributes lawn and garden products, horticultural products, and turf products to garden centers, farm & feed stores, hardware stores, grocery, regional multi-store outlets, greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & landcare companies, golf courses and other related outlets. BWI has a field sales staff over 125 strong and makes timely deliveries on its company-owned fleet.

Ai2 helps wholesaler distributors with sales rep mobile order solutions.

www.ai2.com.  The Company was founded in 1986, has a user community of more than 100,000.  Ai2 software writes helps more than $100 billion (US) in sales orders annually.  Ai2 is endorsed by Apple Business.

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