Sales Rep App for Smartphone Used by ITG


The OrderShark named as one of the industries best sales rep apps for smartphones has been rolled out by International Textile Group (ITG).

ITG — the world’s top denim producer — has rolled out OrderShark for its sales reps to place their customers’ textile orders using the iPhone.  OrderShark has been sited by many industry experts as the best sales rep app for wholesale distributors.

With OrderShark, ITG’s order-to-ship process takes days less than before and ITG is experiencing higher productivity.  Sales reps now using OrderShark have all the data they need right at their finger tips to write orders quickly, allowing them to up-sell and call on more customers each day.

Why should companies deploy a mobile sales rep app?

By implementing a sales rep app, ITG has seen a dramatic reduction in administrative costs:

  • Immediate ROI due to an increase in sales orders and a reduction in administrative tasks;
  • The OrderShark sales rep app allows ITG’s sales reps to scan product sample QR codes to write orders much faster than before;
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.  Using the OrderShark sales rep app, ITG’s reps are now equipped with all required customer and product information right on their iPhones.

ITG redressed its legacy sales order process that heavily occupied its resources.  And ITG did so in a manner that was not disruptive to its customers or staff.

Good mobile apps for wholesalers integrate seamlessly into existing ERP systems and Ai2 knows how best to integrate into any back office.   By rolling out sales rep app OrderShark, ITG’s customer service team is no longer inundated with entering hundreds of sales orders each day. Instead, by using the sales rep app OrderShark, ITG’s sales reps and staff have the time to focus on higher-value tasks, which are invaluable to ITG’s business goals.

By utilizing the best sales rep apps and tools ITG reinforced its commitment to innovation and emerging technology and is now positioned for growth into new markets.  ITG [International Textile Group ] is a diverse, innovative provider of global textile solutions and distinguished fabric brands to automotive, apparel, interior furnishing and industrial markets worldwide. While excellence is the common thread that weaves throughout ITG, it is the uniquely combined threads of a global manufacturing platform, innovative products, state-of-the-art systems, and a dynamic team of forward-thinking professionals that create unparalleled opportunities and competitive advantages for ITG’s customer partners. In 2004, ITG acquired the assets of Burlington Industries and emerged as the world’s top denim producer.  ITG

Ai2 was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in downtown Chicago. Their mobile sales apps are used by more than 100,000 users to write upwards of $100 billion in annual sales orders. More than 10,000 retail stores and more than 1,000 movie theaters use Ai2 solutions for their mobile order management needs.  Ai2 improves the sales order process for some of the world’s largest distributors in food service, liquor,  jewelry, convenience store, pet & garden, grocery, beverage & bottling, hardware, medical, beauty products, textiles and more.





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