5 Critical Reasons to Build a Show App for Trade Show Order Entry

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For wholesale distribution a trade show strategy must include a trade show app that allows for quick and easy order entry.  Looking at most trade show strategies, the traditional things are usually done very well eye-catching booth, appropriate staff, top shelf marketing material, and a solid incentive structure to stand out from the crowd.  However, if your event app doesn’t take order quickly and easily in an offline mode you don’t have the right trade show products to capitalize on the huge investment of trade show attendance or hosting.

Trade shows are a hectic race to capitalize on the face time with customers and suppliers. Everyone has competition, both vendors and buyers are looking to maximize their time on the floor. Customers often have a long list of booths to visit sometimes supported with an event app, while suppliers need to work quickly in order to see as many buyers as possible.  It’s not just about seeing the customers it’s about capitalizing on the opportunity when it’s presented and creating an awesome buying experience that seems transparent so the most information about benefits of a supplier’s product can be discussed.

The trade show products that include a show app but don’t include quick order entry prevent the success of a trade show by slowing down the buying process and eliminating the true benefit of face time.  At a trade show, the slow, tedious process of writing orders on paper will result in lost business due in part to lines, distracted buyers, and smaller orders being deprioritized. More and more wholesale distributors and product suppliers are realizing that this inefficiency is crippling the ROI of the huge investment of attending or presenting a trade show and that the solution can be found in a trade show app.

Sales order management software specifically designed as an event app allows suppliers and customers to view product information, images, account details, order history, and sales reports on a mobile device. Orders can be written and tracked with just a few taps or scans giving sales reps and customers more time to build a relationship centered around product benefits.

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5 Critical Reasons For Deploying a Show App At Trade Shows

Speed Up The Buying Process With an Event App

Flipping through a paper catalog and sifting through a pile of stuff is a time-consuming process, and it can be overwhelming for the buyer who will lose attention quickly. A well-designed app can expedite this process and make the commitment of funds invisible. Create an event app that supports offline order entry in order to capture the most revenue quickly.

If the customer sees a physical product that they like in your display, you can scan the barcode to add it to the order. Think about how much better this experience is for the customer and the rep.

You Have Existing Customer Information Readily Available

If you’re writing a lot of business at trade shows with existing customers, having their information available on your digital order-writing interface is invaluable. Scan the barcode on the badge and bang you’re ordering.  That’s how trade show products should work and that’s how ours works.  No has time to answer account questions like “What’s your shipping address?” and “can I have your email address?” most of this is redundant information because the supplier already has it in their ERP.

By having access to contact details, shipping and payment preferences, and order history directly from your back office system during your rare face-to-face meeting.  It’s easy with Ai2’s trade show products to scan a barcode on the badge, check out the customer’s past orders plus preferred products, and start writing the ne

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w order.

Copy Show Orders in Seconds 

For a supplier that wants to place a reorder similar to one you’ve been writing all day, you can use a copy order in the event app to just pull up the past order and duplicate it to a new or duplicate account. You can use the saved time to share new items from your line and increase that order size before it’s processed.

Extend The Life Of The Trade Show

After all the trade show data is accumulated in the event app, the trade show product includes an online order portal is made available to customers at a pre-defined date where they are granted access to begin building their pre-show orders.   The event app portal is quick, easy and accurate and integrated with product images and information.  We configure the portal to ensure the right options are enabled for your show.

Depending upon your show rules, the trade show products can remain accessible to customers and suppliers to review and edit their trade show orders for a designated period following the live show.   Customers, Suppliers, Sales Reps and admins can generate custom reports from the portal based upon their roles/persona.  When the show event is closed, our trade show product designed for order taking formats all data for export and import straight into your back-office system.

You Can Automatically Apply Customer-Specific Discounts 

Remembering customer specific pricing is not realistic especially at a busy show.  The app must do it for you.

With sales order management software and mobile order writing, vendors can store those customer-specific discounts, so that there’s no need to do anything more than choose products. The correct pricing will be automatically applied. If you’re negotiating with customers in real time, margins are adjustable on the fly.

Ultimately, what we are describing is a modernized trade show experience.  The majority of show app on the market are mired in old technology relying on ad hock networks and ftp data transfers.  Ai2 has been building order entry solutions for distributors and suppliers for over 30 years and we’ve got this highly contained order experience ready to go for you.

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