Two Big Reasons to Modernize Your Distributor Order Processing Software FIRST

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Order Processing Software First

Typically, distributors use their order processing software and systems well past the point of where they become legacy.  At Ai2 we’ve seen ERPs that have been in use long before the 35 years we’ve been in business.  Some of these systems were first deployed in the 1970’s and are managing 100’s of millions of dollars and sometimes over a billion in business revenues.  While the cost of keeping order management system software in place seems low and easy.  Consider the soft costs incurred by operating on old order processing software.  Redundant tasks, legacy knowledge, need for old hardware and outdated skills keeps the work force over valued and competition from huge companies like Amazon that challenge the status quo can equal a catastrophic decline in year over year business results.

Help Me Modernize My Business


What is the Cost of NOT Upgrading to Modern Order Management System Software?

order management systemThe problem is that upgrading a distributor’s back office (ERP) can take 48 months or longer to complete.  Then you have to add additional time to train employees, customers and update your business practices.  When you consider the costs – modernization of technology is not a nice to have; it’s a must have.

So what is the best way to get to modernize your order management experience?  How does a distributor minimize the impact to on going business while moving along a technology road map that will allow them to compete in tomorrow’s market; servicing more customers, with less need for redundant human resources all while improving margin and customer experience?

Two Big Reasons To Get There Now

barcode scanning app

For customers of Ai2 who have been at a similar inflection point of deciding to deploy sales rep order entry software as integrated to a legacy back office now or to wait to deploy until a new a ERP is selected and live, typically they chose to deploy now for two reasons.  The software functions independently of the ERP and communicates when it needs to allowing for complete software automation in very little implementation time and effort.  Ai2’s order management system includes advanced features like a barcode scanning app and fast, offline capable order processing software.

Reason One

Distributors do not have to wait to derive the business benefit achieved by our solutions like OrderShark and ProSel.   The ROI can be achieved presently and then migrated to a new ERP environment when you are ready.    Since Ai2 order management system software can interface with any back office system there is no risk.  Factoring in the decision time as to what new ERP to select and also adding in the long amount of time the actual new ERP integration typically takes could delay achieving the benefits from the order processing software for a significant period of time.  In fact, in some cases we have see our customers determine that our solution actually extend the useful life of their legacy back office systems by automating tasks that seemed to take multiple people days to complete.

Reason Two

Our solutions will port/migrate without too much extra effort or resources to the new ERP.   You’ll be using barcode scanning app and advanced order processing system software all while you are working towards a more capable back end system.  Much will be in place already from the legacy Ai2 integration.   This is because our system runs independently and in front of the ERP system.  The Ai2 server environment and the client side do not change; we will have to convert the order export formats to conform to the formats required by the new ERP, but this work is on us and there would be little or no charge for it.   Furthermore, having our system in place often gives you leverage in negotiating with the potential ERP vendor in re subtracting costs for backed-in extensions that are not needed, or in requiring the ERP vendor to deliver data feeds in a certain, required standard format.


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