Sales Force Automation Turns Reps into Experts

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Sales Force automation turns reps into expert solutions analysts.

When one of your sales reps is at a cocktail party and someone asks them “what do you do?” I guarantee they don’t respond “I’m an order taker for XYZ Company.” It’s a little too self-deprecating and not entirely descriptive. However, without good sales force automation your reps spend most of their time writing up orders and without good sales force automation they are not experts.
The role of the sales rep has expanded dramatically over the last decade and they need good sales force automation. Y our outside sales force is the face of your company, and they’ve got to Pitch It, Close It, and Write Up The Order, often in a short window of time. There are always new products and services to sell.  With good sales force automation your sales reps become the expert adding tremendous value to your company’s relationship with your customers.

In Ai2’s best of breed sales force automation solutions transform order takers into expert.

Our salesforce automation solutions – bSource and PresentPro give your reps a tool for making presentations and organizing marketing content in a way that helps them Pitch and Close.   Our sales force automation solutions do not just write the order but they allow the rep to place the best order that the customer needs at that time.

A sales rep armed with salesforce automation with the latest information about every single product in the pricebook is an Expert, not an Order Taker. Experts spend more time selling and less time ordering.

I was on a sales call several years ago when my boss, the VP of sales, showed our handheld order entry solution to a guy who’d been in wholesale distribution for 40 years. My boss finished his presentation and the client paused for about 10 seconds, then simply said when it comes to automation “You guys really know your [stuff*].” My boss was, quite simply, an Expert and he had the right sales force automation system.  And that’s why he made the sale.

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