Trade Show Orders – Fast & Easy

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It takes on average almost 7 minutes to write a typical trade show order, let alone multiple trade show orders.  With OrderShark, trade show orders have never been faster or easier.

With OrderShark, you can write your trade show orders in seconds!  You can add a new customer with one tap, browse your entire product catalog scan barcodes or QR codes and begin taking orders immediately.   Send all the data straight into your host for processing and with one tap email a copy of the order details to your customer.

Enterprise-Grade Scanning Improves the Trade Show Ordering Process

Using OrderShark’s high performance barcode scanning technology, you can quickly scan product barcodes using your smartphone’s camera to add items.   Scan bar codes to search for product details when building your trade show orders.  OrderShark turns ordinary smartphones into a powerful trade show orders writing tools that make writing orders fast and easy.

Quick Implementation, Affordable & Proven ROI

The payoffs of using OrderShark for trade show orders management is staggering.  A 50% reduction in entry costs; a 30% reduction in sales rep’s order handling efforts; a 20% increase in efficiency and productivity; an increased profit of 25% or more over traditional trade show orders processes.   Forrester.

OrderShark is the Perfect Trade Show Order Solution

With mobile trade show technology you can copy your to write new orders, view orders taken and check on order status.   All while using a blue tooth scanner.   Work with orders guides for a quick and complete conversation in the busy atmosphere of a trade show floor.   And the flexibility of Ai2 order management solutions allows you to private label the app with your company identy.

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