CNB Ai2 Software for Sales Force Automation in the Food and Beverage Industry

Creating Sales Force Automation Software for The Food and Beverage Industry

Orders Are the Lifeblood of Every Mid-Size Food and Beverage Distributor

Ai2 is a company that has pioneered Order Management Software (OMS) for food service and beverage distributors by providing the industry’s best-of-breed and most relied upon OMS software.   Ai2’s OMS software platforms improve food service and beverage distributors revenues; reduces their overhead costs and improves their supply channel efficiency.

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ProSel - Order Enablement for iOS

Our order management software, ProSel for order enablement is used by many of the largest and most demanding food and beverage distributors throughout the world to write over $25 billion in orders every year. Since the application is built to be customized it is also used by many mid-tier and even smaller distributors as well. Business Teams at Apple have championed this app for years for it’s complex core logic pricing algorithms, simple workflow, lightening fast functionality and laser focused design.

ProSel In Action

OrderShark - Powerful Order Entry on Personal Mobile Devices

OrderShark is an easy to use white labeled application deployed in the worlds biggest app stores just for your business. The streamlined interface for iOS and Android is used in the field to place quick and easy orders. It’s powerful scanning engine and robust core logic is suitable for any type of barcode, any type of product line and any type of pricing scheme.

OrderShark In Action

DeliverPro - Proof of Delivery for the Food and Beverage Industry

Inventory and delivery system is the life blood of of the Food and Beverage Industry. By utilizing DeliverPro to modernize the proof of delivery system we help save countless hours of accounting for product with paper records or antiquated systems and provide a top of the line delivery experience to retailers.

DeliverPro in Action

POET - Order Enablement for Windows

POET is an enterprise level sales order enablement application for Windows that gives Food and Beverage companies a complete overview of the order process and ordering archives. It’s built for speed and reliability and works great on legacy systems or the latest Microsoft technology .

POET in Action

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