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Food distributors function as intermediaries. In other words, they work between food manufacturers and the food retail outlet. Importantly, they work with chefs, directors, managers, and operator owners.

Firstly, foodservice distributors purchase, store, sell and deliver food products. Secondly, they provide their customers with access to items from a wide variety of manufacturers. Thirdly, they procure in bulk quantities. They break these down to case and unit quantities.

Mostly, food service customers purchase from a range of specialty and broadline foodservice distributors. Moreover, they purchase on a daily or weekly basis. Wiki.

Food Distributors Play Key Role in the Supply Chain

Importantly, foodservice distributors play a key role in the food service supply chain. For instance, they deliver food products that professional kitchens and other retailers need. In addition, they provide valuable services such as food instruction and menu planning. Above all, In the U.S., alone, there is an estimated one million restaurant locations.

Food Distributors include . . .

Firstly, foodservice distributors include leading broadline distributors. Secondly, they include system and specialty distributors. Above all. they deliver food fundamental to all types of retail outlets. For example, these include your local pizza parlor to your favorite Italian eatery. Similarly, from nursing homes and hospitals to military mess halls and college campuses. IFDA

Top 5 Food Distributors in the U.S. 2019


Head Quarters:  Houston, TX

Distribution Centers:  125

US Foodservice

Head Quarters:  Columbia, MD

Distribution Centers:  100


Head Quarters:  Richmond, VA

Distribution Centers:  25

Gordon Foodservice

Head Quarters:  Grand Rapids, MI

Distribution Centers:  12


Head Quarters:  Seattle, WA

Distribution Centers:  11

Above all, foodservice distributors face new challenges every day. However, with the right planning, processes, people, and technology, they can adapt easily and thrive into the next decade.

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