ideaShare Online Ordering System Training

Click on Log-in with ConnectID
When promoted, log into Connect with regularly used ConnectID

Ordering Overview: Select Store Account for Which to Place Order

  • Before creating an order, Store Account must be identified.
  • Click on “Select Store Account”
  • Once you see the account you want to order for, click on account
  • You are now ready to Create Order

Ordering Overview: Create Order

Click on Product Catalog

1. Scroll through item listing to identify products for purchase

2. Utilize the Search Feature to narrow down selection. Search can be conducted by:

  • Category
  • Item #
  • Manufacturer

3. Click on an item in your personalized catalog list and enter order qty and item will be automatically added to your order

Ordering Overview: Review, Edit, and Submit Order

Upon completion of browsing catalog, click on review current order to view your order summary.

That means:

  • Complete list of items and qty ordered
  • Total dollars spent
  • Ability to delete an item or adjust quantity

After review, click “Save” to complete order

For ordering support to send an email to: