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Mason Bros. Mobile Help Page

Navigating The Home Screen

The home screen contains six buttons

  1. New Order – Initiate a new order
  2. Current Order – View current order in process
  3. Order List – View orders opened and submitted
  4. Sales Totals – See your current total sales in USD
  5. Help – Support options
  6. App Info – See current app version and adjust modes

Start A New Order

Just tap on the New Order icon on the home screen. If you have multiple locations you will be able to select the location you wish to submit an order for.  If you only order for one location a single location will be available for you to select from.  Tap on the your account to build an order.

Add An Item to the Current Order

You can add product items to your Current Order in three ways.

  1. Tap the Scan Barcode button in Add Items to open your scanner and scan barcodes. Repeated scans of the same barcode increments quantity.
  2. Use the keypad in Add Items to type in a product number and hit Enter.
  3. Browse Catalog – tap on the Browse Catalog button and you can scroll all your items, search for any item by name or product number, and filter your product catalog by category. Tap on any product line in the Product Catalog to add it to Current Order.

Expand Item Details

Just tap on any item image to view more detail about the item. Tap the back button to close the detail view.

Review and Edit Your Current Order

Tap on Review Order in Add Items to review your Current Order.

Tap on any line in Current Order to edit quantity.  You can edit quantity by tapping the + or – button in the Add Items keypad and hit Enter, or you can tap on the “Qty:” field in Add Items (which will then be boxed in red) and enter the desired quantity and hit Enter.

You can delete any item from your Current Order by tapping the Delete Item button in Add Items, or by swiping any line from right to left in your Current Order.  You can delete your entire Current Order by tapping the Delete Order button in Current Order.  You can continue to add new items to your Current Order by tapping the + button in the top, right corner.

Send Your Current Order

When you are ready to send your Current Order just tap the Send Order button.   The order will then be sent to Mason Bros for processing.

Working With the Order List

Order List contains all your orders and are sorted by the order start time with newest orders on top.

OPEN status orders are all orders that you have not yet sent. Tapping on any OPEN order in Order List will make that order a Current Order so you can edit, send or delete.

RECEIVED status orders are orders in your Order List that have already been sent to the online system.  RECEIVED orders cannot be edited.  Tap on a RECEIVED order to view that order and to Copy it to a New Order or to email the order for your records (note, your email must be set-up on your device to email a RECEIVED order).

Copy a Received Order

You can copy any RECEIVED status order from your Order List into a Current Order for another account.  In your Order List, tap on any RECEIVED status order then tap the Copy Order button.  The copied order will then be added to the current cart.  You can then edit and add to the order prior to sending.

Sales Totals

Tap the Sales Totals button on your home screen to view a summary and total of all submitted (“sent”) orders.

Request Access To the Mason StoreFront App

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