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Mobile Order Management Software is essential for the success of wholesale distributors.  Orders are the life-blood of every distributors business.   In this mobile world, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives.  Sales automation is the only way for businesses with field services to survive and grow.  Because salespeople are often away from their desk, they need to manage critical data and customer accounts with mobile ordering apps.

Utilizing order management solutions streamlines the sales process, translating to increased productivity and sales growth.

Likewise, those that use customer mobile ordering apps have a clear advantage over those that don’t.

“High-performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely than under-performers to rate their mobile sales capabilities as outstanding or very good.”
State of Sales Report, Salesforce.

Moreover, utilizing true mobile native order apps translates to B2B remote ordering success. Both your customers and employees are expecting a mobile sales tool that helps them succeed and grow their business. Great sales apps when built properly, require little training and make it easy to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Many organizations use sales rep to drive customer app adoption. For example, Sysco’s Asian Foods division deployed Ai2’s Mobile Order Management Software app OrderShark in 2018 it was part of the internal sales campaign called “Make the Switch”.  The Make the Switch campaign details how Sysco would use their sales reps to on-board the customers with the new mobile ordering app.

How Does Mobile Order Management Work?

True mobile native apps designed for B2B ordering has a few basic requirements that dictates how they work and drive success.  Some of the demand on these apps include fast off-line order entry, AR management and sales content support.  In addition, proprietary items, customer specific pricing, retail management and collaboration through mobile CRM.

Mobile Order Management Software
OrderShark – Mobile Order Management App

Great order management software helps with all of these functions and are especially useful because of their cross-functionality.  Because this means that the same application can support customers, remote sales reps and inside sales.  Good order management software seamlessly moves data to and from any ERP and all major mobile devices.  Furthermore, it keeps all the data synced in the enterprise cloud and the remote devices in a near-real-time state without the need to wait on server call-response time.

Mobile Order Management Software & Invoicing

Efficiency is key in the sales process. The faster a sales rep can process a customer’s order, the better.  The less paperwork and manual steps, the less headache for sales reps and the better the customer experience. Our order management solutions make it easy for sales reps and customers to place and send orders to any back-office system and speeds the orders-to-cash cycle.

Because the critical data is stored at the edge of the network, large volumes of data and AI calculations are processed and accessed instantly.   In the B2B sales, waiting on data processing is costly.


Mobile Order Management Software
Mobile Order Management Software

It’s important that Mobile Order Management Software apps provide a platform for collaboration to connect sales reps to other team members. Mobile CRM baked into the Mobile Order Management Software helps the entire organization understand where they are succeeding and where attention needs to be paid to move the needle.  According to Salesforce, 60 percent of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25 percent.

Successful teams create a collaborative culture in which sales reps share information and learn from one another.  Ai2’s order management solutions makes collaborations possible from virtually anywhere.

Documents and Presentations

Mobile Order Management Software is extremely useful to sales reps in the field.  It cuts down on equipment costs, paper processes and errors.  Ai2 is the first to bring sales AI to Mobile Order Management Software so that sales reps have effective and uniform sales conversations designed to align with your business objectives  — updating a previously technologically stalled distribution industry.

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