Sales Order Management Software Can Outpace the Amazon Experience

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Sales Order Management Software that is robust and easy to can outmatch Amazon.

In “Good to Great, Jim Collins states that “great” companies are those that “confront the brutal reality” of their market and do something about it.   These companies do not play ostrich. They tackle what is happening and take action rather than suffer a slow death by inaction.

Great Sales Order Management Software Is Better than Amazon

JPMorgan analyst John Ivankoe states that Amazon is pivoting into more distribution verticals.    Distributors who have been in their markets for decades have an advantage by deploying sales order management software tailored to the bespoke needs of their industry. Software. However, don’t wait long because Amazon is building its own distribution businesses. Amazon has its target set on multi-trillion-dollar wholesale trade. And with a particular focus on delivering supplies daily to your retailers’ doors.


The road is littered with distributors that react too late to Amazon’s entry into their market place.  Amazon is already one of the nation’s largest B2B distributors. Amazon’s B2B distribution business is growing at the astonishing rate of 20% per month!   In a few years, they will likely be the nation’s largest B2B distributor.

Amazon’s B2B distribution business is growing astoundingly. In only a few years, Amazon disrupted medical supply, veterinary supply, auto supply, building supply, lightening supply, and electronics supply.   They were easy targets because wholesale suppliers failed to offer a robust and easy sales order management software that was truly mobile enabled.

It takes Amazon only about 5 years to begin running out the competition in the markets it enters.  No one should doubt Amazon’s power to disrupt new industries.  Even the distribution giant Grainger is now being disrupted by Amazon. Grainger Feeling the Heat

It Will Never Happen To Us

Wrong.  For example, Amazon is already delivering prepared foods to restaurants eateries and grocery retailers. This is impacting food service wholesale.   Bezos’s will shake-up any industry where fragmentation makes in vulnerable. 

However, many distributors still don’t view Amazon as the real threat.  The assumption is that B2B is a much different game than B2C. They believe Amazon can only handle relatively small, simple items. Many companies assume that Amazon lacks the industry-specific knowledge to sell in B2B markets where relationships matter more than they do in B2C.

We Don’t Need Better Sale Order Management Software Because Amazon Can’t Do What we Do

Not True. What part of your business consists of getting an order with a list of product numbers?  To Amazon, product numbers represent data.  Amazon is a technology company that has mastered the analytics dictating where product data is and where it needs to go.  If you think that Amazon is not coming into your market you’re wrong.  Amazon is already there.  Today, 50% of all B2B product searches already start and end on Amazon’s platform.  What that means is your customers are already purchasing from Amazon whether you like it or not. 

At present, it may be dry goods or small quantity purchases. Or same day orders delivered via Amazon Fresh in two hours from the point of order. But with each of these transactions, Amazon is gaining the data insights they require to build out their B2B business.  Do not kid yourself, you need to deploy easy Amazon-like Sales Order Management Software before it is too late.

Consider This: 

Amazon understands the nuisances of your industry. Its complex pricing practices. The need to be serviced by a high touch sales force. Also, the need to extend credit facilities to your customers.  Amazon is already offering credit terms to its B2B customers. Moreover, Amazon is currently hiring a massive sales force to call directly on your B2B customers.

In addition, Amazon sees the distribution industry pricing practices as the it’s Achilles’ heal. They will be able to sell your products for less and with more transparency — eating into your margins.  Modern
Sales Order Management Software is as easy for your customers and sales reps to use as the Amazon experience. Ease of ordering is why your customers are turning toward Amazon.

Consider this:  Amazon is building direct relationship with many of your suppliers.   They can beautifully showcase products with proven analytics. Furthermore, Amazon can certify product presentation and customer engagements.  Also, Amazon can guarantee promotional offerings and discount pricing.  Moreover, Amazon can propel event driven purchasing.  Amazon will do away with minimum order sizes making order size requirements a thing of the past.     

Prepare for Change

In today’s world, the reality is that one company is disrupting the way B2B products are sold in industry after industry. That company is called Amazon.

Only a select few distributors are assessing the disruptive forces and asking the truly strategic questions. Such as, how should we be leveraging digital innovations? Also, what will be the future basis of competition? Furthermore, how can we energize our business with information technology? In addition, what new business models can we enable with digital? Furthermore, how do we keep our customers ordering with us?

If your business does have a credible plan to survive and thrive there may be less time than you think.   Amazon disrupts at fist slowly than all at once.

Prepare for Change.  Let us help you navigate this inflection point.  Become a visionary distributor of the future.

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