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Enterprise Content Management for iPad

Sync and Manage All Your Content with Ease

Keep your entire staff on the same page by managing and syncing files, images, videos, brochures and reports across all your iPads.

bSource Features

Instant Access Anywhere

Enterprise Content Management for iPad allows your rep's to have all the right material at the right time in the right place. Our sales enablement tool allows you to categorize your content, create distribution lists and manage your PDFs, images, videos, HTML, Word and PowerPoint files with no access to the Internet needed after sync.

Home Control

With this sales enablement tool your home office controls access to all files and folders at all times. Instantly replace or update any file or folder from the back office to the field with the click of a mouse. No work for a sales rep to do. All the right files are always in all the right folders when they need them.

Confidential Folders & Files

The bSource Enterprise Content Management app allows you to password protect confidential folders and files to assure that your reps do not accidentally share or send them to your customers. You have access to create multiple levels of permission hierarchies so that you can deliver the correct material to the people who need it.


Your sales collateral is your trade secret. The bSource iPad app allows you to sync your collateral directly from your own server to your sales rep’s iPads. Sync as much content to as many devices as you desire with no increased data storage costs. Scale it across an unlimited amount of iPads and quickly grant access to new employees and departments.

My Files & Folders

The Enterprise Content Management for iPad allows your reps to import, create and manage their own content in the app and they can manage all non-confidential folders and files to best prepare and organize their daily sales calls and presentations. Not only is it a place for you to keep them updated but it's a place for them to organize their own sales presentation.

Ready When You Are

The whole sales enablement system for iPad can be set-up in hours. The Ai2 content management software is loaded onto your server and with little or no training you are ready to build your distribution lists and sync your content and collateral to your rep’s iPads.

bSource In Action

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

Sync All Your Content To iPad and Go Paperless

bSource will keep all of your reps informed with easily searchable, rich content always on anywhere.