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Sales Order Entry App for iOS & Android | OrderShark™

Mobile sales entry for your customers or reps, right on their personal device.

OrderShark is an easy-to-use white labeled application, deployed in the world’s biggest app stores just for your business.  The streamlined interface for iOS and Android is used in the field to place quick and easy orders.  Its powerful scanning engine and robust core logic are suitable for any type of barcode, any type of product line, and any type of pricing scheme.  Deploying OrderShark to your customers or reps automates the order process, improves operations and overall customer satisfaction by:

  • Creating the buying path for your future buyers and employees
  • Expanding your organization’s total sales reach regionally and nationally
  • Giving customers the ability to order what they want, when they want it
  • Saving thousands of hours and huge investments by buying an already proven technology
  • Eliminating errors and allowing for operational excellence
  • Elevating the organization’s brand with a mobile strategy

OrderShark Features

Fast Scanning

OrderShark is a best-in-class mobile scanner app. We’ve tested all of the camera scanning technology in the world and we integrate the best. Our smartphone scanner app utilizes the smartphone camera or a portable Bluetooth scanner to scan and read any UPC, bar-code, shelf tag and QR code in multiple scan modes. It's easy to toggle between camera scan and a Bluetooth scan mode, and it's designed to allow for fast order population so you can build larger orders very quickly.

Suggestive Selling

A good mobile sales app for iPhone and Android allows you to select an order guide to place suggested orders via a single touch. Showcase your pre-books, program compliance, daily specials, missing best sellers and new items quickly, and allow your customers and sales reps to place orders by looking at lists of suggested items based on their purchase history and customer profile.

B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce is typically existing customers placing repeat orders because they need the items. Since these are need-based purchases, as opposed to wants, we’ve built our purchase order app for iPhone to support fast and easy order entry for the B2B buyer. With the powerful historical views in OrderShark, the user can copy from past orders to build new orders. Orders can be reviewed, edited, deleted, and adjusted at any time right from the Order List. Simply place a new order with just three taps.

Device Agnostic Ordering for Your Customers

Modernize your business and update your brand overnight by privately branding the mobile scanner app. Our app can customize from the top down, including App icon, buttons, logo and splash screen with your company identity.

Multi Store and Warehouse Support

The user can add comments, select items from multiple ship locations, change the requested delivery data, and add special requests to any order. Your customers can use the same app to order for multiple stores at once, or any selected store in their chain. Because each order is submitted with header information, we can also capture details about the order that other applications can’t. For instance, want to capture new customer details when an order is submitted? We can add that information to the header and have it automate into your back office system.

Your App Not Ours

Any sent order from OrderShark can be easily emailed by the user for manager review, record keeping or any other purpose. Modernize your business overnight by private branding the app, icon and splash screen with your company identity.

What Makes Us Different?

One of the important elements that separate Ai2 is that our mobile order management applications are true, “offline-first” native applications, containing a 100% local database running on the mobile device.  This does not allow Ai2 to offer what is known as “write once, use anywhere” applications, because such applications will not meet the intense data and offline needs of our many customers. Most companies today offer mobile order apps that look and operate in an almost identical manner as the online ordering portal they offer.  Usually, the reason for this is because the mobile apps being offered are, more or less, “web apps” with some offline capabilities, or potentially some SDKs ,allowing the web app to interact with some components of the native OS on the mobile device.

Ai2’s Mobile Order Management Software is for distributors of high velocity goods utilizing very high data volume between a consolidated database and remote clients, requiring 100% offline access to a decentralized database running on iOS and Android devices.

OrderShark In Action

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

App Based Ordering For Your Reps and Customers

Allow your customers and reps to place easy and fast orders using their own mobile devices.

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