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Powerful and Streamlined Proof of Delivery for the Wholesale Distribution Business

From Pick to Truck to Delivery – Your Inventory Is Safe and Accounted For

Your inventory and delivery system is the life blood of your company.  By utilizing DeliverPro to modernize your proof of delivery system you’ll save countless hours of accounting for product with paper records or antiquated systems and provide a top of the line delivery experience to your customers.

DeliverPro Features

Signature & GPS Capture

The DeliverPro proof of delivery app for iPad allows your customers to sign for deliveries directly on the iPad. Signatures are time-stamped and GPS coordinates are captured. Invoices containing the digital signature can be emailed or messaged to the customer in real-time.

Real Time DeliverPro Portal

The DeliverPro proof of delivery app for iPad portal allows dispatchers to see the status, details and exact location of all stops, deliveries and cash collections. Real-time status is provided for every driver, route, stop, and individual delivery so you can inform customers of when they will be receiving their delivery. Cash collections are also posted real-time to the portal throughout the day with deficiency reports.

No More Paper

The driver’s entire manifest and all customer stop details are present including special notes and instructions for each stop. Cash collections and credits are automated and reconciled with deficiency reporting. Invoices are present and can be drilled down to the line item detail. Your drivers’ D.O.T. checklist and vehicle inspection reporting is automated.

Product Catalog & Invoices

Your entire product catalog and your customers’ invoices are stored in DeliverPro and are searchable by the driver — whether dealing with a product return/credit or a customer’s question about a line item on an invoice delivery your drive can provide the best customer service in the business.

Scan Product & Take Photos

The DeliverPro application for iPad allows you to scan products right off the truck; take a photo of returned or damage goods and AirPrint or send PDF acknowledgment receipts.

Easy Integration

The DeliverPro proof of delivery app for iPad is quickly and easily integrates to any backend systems you might have including your route optimization & inventory management systems.

DeliverPro In Action

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

Reach New Levels of Efficiency with DeliverPro

DeliverPro improve your bottom line by increasing productivity, and streamlining your delivery Process.