Sales Order App for Windows – POET

Fast, Stable and Secure Microsoft Windows Application for Sales Order Entry

Sales Order Enablement for Windows, Tablets and Notebooks

POET is an enterprise level sales order enablement application for Windows that gives you a complete overview of your ordering process and ordering archives.  It’s built for speed and reliability and works great on the the latest Microsoft technology.

POET Features

Intelligent Search

The POET sales order app has progressive filtering for speed. Search by item description, brand, make, category, product code or number. It auto corrects misspelled words so your reps and customers can work faster and smarter.

Instant Pricing Details

POET allows for real time pricing; current and accurate last margin price; contract pricing; markup pricing; chain or contract pricing; zone pricing. Shows last price paid and price minus deal.

Designed for Speed

With the POET sales order app you can substitute, associated and related items. Your team can use hot keys for complete customization and a fast workflow. The interface allows for local and global order guides that are easy to find and even easier to use. The automated returns process detailed with reason codes cuts time and boosts efficiency. Your customers and reps will have the ability to work, toggle and tab between multiple open order guides for a smooth and cohesive sales conversation.

Built for Reps So Customers Benefit

POET order enablement helps reps guide conversations by helping customers with menu planning and costing; shows the customer inventory; establishes a customer’s desired inventory or par-level. When the conversation is complete a PDF and paper quote and receipt is available at the click of a button.

Commission & Daily Totals

The POET sales order app allows you to shows and hides commissions earned on the order.


This order taking app is not “one-size-fits-all” and is fully configurable. You can decide what functions you want and how you want your data to appear and display throughout the app. You can custom brand the app’s home screen with your company identity. Internationalization and local languages are supported.

POET In Action

Over $100 Billion in Sales Orders Captured Annually

Streamline your Windows Sales Order Entry

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