Smartphone Business Apps Spoil Us

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Smartphone business apps have made us spoiled

The amount of convenience that’s available to us is staggering, especially when it comes to our smartphone business apps.  The availability of information at anytime pamper us to the point where we won’t have any real hardships to describe when we’re talking to our grandchildren: “In my day, there was only ONE sushi restaurant that accepted GrubHub orders at 2:15 AM ”.  The grandkids, whose names will contain hashtags and emoticons, will ignore us and return to their hover boards, but let’s face it: we’ve got it pretty good right now with all these great omni-channel eCommerce options.

Look around next time you see a group of people waiting for something, or riding the el.  They’re clutching their iPhones smartphone and staring at their smartphone business apps.  One study says we look at our smartphones 150 times a day.  This device eats a lot of our idle time. And you can order anything using a smartphone business app: your groceries, a ride, a movie,  a flighteven a date.   All with apps instead of an internet browser or phone calls.

A New Mobile Consumer

The result is a mobile consumer base that’s accustomed to getting precisely what they want. If you’re a distributor, these are your customers.  You do plenty of gymnastics to ward off your competitors while satisfying customers’ ever-changing demands, but what’s your smartphone business apps strategy? Is ordering from you as easy as getting a dragon roll delivered at midnight, or a taxi?
It should be.  If you want to satisfy your customers the way other providers do then you need a smartphone business apps strategy.   When you meet the demands of a “spoiled” customer, you’re going to reduce the risk of losing that customer to someone who offers better smartphone business apps.

We can help you be relevant to your customers.  Ai2’s OrderShark smartphone business apps for retailer order management with camera barcode scanning is getting rave reviews from retailers everywhere, who say:

  • “It’s easy, fast and wonderful.”
  • My store managers are more productive and it cuts ordering time in half.”
  • “I’m glad [my distributor] gave me this option, it’s a great service.”

The OrderShark smartphone business apps run on Android and iPhone.  It is as easy as using Uber for customer order management.  A free demo OrderShark smartphone business apps is available on the App Store and on Google Play.  Download it.   Try it.  Call Ai2,  and let your customers chose how to connect with your organization and products with the number one smartphone business apps for customer mobile ordering applications.   Hey, the are used to being spoiled.

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