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Does My Organization need A Purchase Order Mobile App?

“I have a website for customers to order on, do I need an App?” 

Yes, web eCommerce is what did happen.  Mobile eCommerce via a native mobile order entry appis what’s happening now and what will be happening in the future.  In order to get a majority of customers using your eCommerce options, you need to have an omni-channel strategy that includes a mobile app.

Not convinced?

Way back in 2015, mobile traffic equaled that of desktop traffic to websites. Now, well over half of the traffic to the web comes from mobile browsers and that number is expected to continue to rise year over year.

Still not convinced? Consider these statistics*:

  • 77% of Americans own smartphones (Over 250 million) up from 35% in 2011
  • 53% of Americans own tablet computers
  • 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months
  • eCommerce dollars now comprise 10% of ALL retail revenue
*Statistics collected by Pew Research Center

STILL not convinced?  What about the ROI?

When Ai2 deployed its mobile order entry softwareat Harold Levinson Associates in 2012, it quickly over took the website as a preferred method of order entry.  Today, the mobile app takes more orders than Ai2’s web portal 10 to 1, and those orders are 20%-25% larger than those taken before a purchase orderappwas in use.

People Use Smartphones to Order

“Ok, I get it – people like to use smartphones and tablets to buy, how does that effect my distribution business and supply chain?”

In order to stay in front of disruption that is happening in the distribution business organizations need to make sure they have the tools that customers want otherwise they will find a more convenient way to do business with someone else.

In order to derive the benefits of having a purchase order appfor your organization, the app must fit the way you: sell, connect, price, promote and present the brand. Ai2 will white label a mobile order entry appon every platform for your organization.

Customer Mobile Ordering Applications By Ai2


  • Prosel: A robust iPad order entry solution. ProSel can give customers access to their specific catalog of products, at their contracted pricing, all their account details and many more options. Click. Click. Done. The order is on its way.


  • OrderShark: A smartphone product that allows customers or reps to order products directly via their own personal mobile device. It is a direct channel that lessens the sales overhead of your team.


  • OrderOasis: A web-based B2B ecommerce solution that allows customers to reorder their own products. This means time spend with the customer is spent understanding the direction of the customer’s business instead of fulfilling orders.
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Deploy the Ai2 platform to build your brand, maximize profitability, better connect with your customers, build a stronger brand and grow order size.

I’m Ready, but is Ai2 for us?

Yes, Ai2 has been transforming companies order management process to include robust, native and dependable order management applications for over 30 years.  In three decades we’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Disney and McKesson, as well as some of the smallest local distributors.  We’ve learned from each organization and developed mobile order entry softwarethat does far more than just take orders. It’s a well-rounded business management tool that grows business in each and every account while representing the brand when the company representative isn’t present.

Technically Speaking

Think you can build an app for this?

Ai2 utilizes sub-second, session-based synchronization technology that handles millions of rows of data, thousands of simultaneous connections and a real-time data-sync to the mobile client.  By using our proprietary technology, we track changes made within your data by your current back office system and send only updated details to the appropriate users. Our software can keep every data point on the mobile ordering devices in use updated as often as it’s changed, and the sync times are negligible.

Our applications and portals are built 100% native to the devices that they function on so in addition to being fast, reliable and always on the apps take advantage of all the hardware features.  Updates are consistent with the operating system’s development direction and the applications can be customized and changed based on each organization need.

See Ai2 in Action

Request a demo to learn more about how we can transform your company’s order management process!

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