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TradeShowPro is an Trade Show Order Taking System

The Trade Show platform is designed to facilitate the pre-show, live-show, post-show and virtual show ordering for wholesale distributor’s trade show events.

The TradeShowPro Trade Show Order Taking System consists of:

1) An Online Order Entry Portal for your customers to place their trade show pre-orders and/or place orders for a virtual trade show

2) The Supplier Mobile App allows your vendors/suppliers to install the mobile app on their own smartphones to effortlessly place their trade show orders at the booth for your customers during the live trade show

3) Advance Reports by role/persona: customer reports, supplier reports; sales rep reports, and distributor’s Admin reports generation based on your rules; advanced dashboard analytics of all activities in the both the Online Portal and in the Mobile App.


The TradeShowPro Platform

The trade show order taking system is designed to make taking orders at tradeshows an experience that your customers will not forget.


After all the trade show data is accumulated, the Online Order TradeShowPro Portal is made available to your customers at a pre-defined date where they are granted access to begin building their pre-show orders.   The Online Order Portal is quick, easy and accurate and integrated with product in-line images.  We configure the Portal to ensure the right options are enabled for your show.


At the show, or a few days prior to the show, your suppliers download and install the Supplier Mobile App on their existing Apple or Android Smartphones.   All of the supplier’s trade show products and related data are synchronized with the Mobile App.   At the live show, your suppliers scan a customer’s badge and begin building the trade show order.   Your suppliers can scan all item barcodes using the Mobile App’s integrated camera scanner.   Suppliers can also schedule their pre-book delivery releases.   Suppliers can also punch in product numbers and browse their product catalogs.  The Supplier’s live trade show orders are synced by the trade show order taking system with the Online Portal and consolidated with any customer’s pre-show orders in the portal so that your customers have full visibility into all lines added at the live show by suppliers.


Depending upon your show rules, the Online Order Portal can remain open to your customers to review and edit their trade show orders for a designated period following the live show.   Customers, Suppliers, Sales Reps and your Admin can generate custom reports from the Online Order Portal based upon their roles/persona.  When the show event is closed, our trade show order taking system formats all data for export and import straight into your back office system.


The Online Order Portal of the trade show order taking system is flexible and cost effective enough to allow you also to host virtual trade shows at any time.   This eliminates costly show expenses during off season periods. The system monitors how the virtual show is progressing and your vendors have the ability to view show totals throughout the virtual show. Your customers can order from the virtual show twenty-four hours a day!

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